I began my artistic journey almost 19 years ago, I am a self-taught artist, residing at present in the UK.

In 2003, whilst living in of Eastern France, I began to receive a number of dreams and visions after which, I felt encouraged and inspired to take my art more seriously.

Many of my paintings are reflections and translations of what I may receive in dream states, meditation and visions.

As with most artists, art can also be an expression of one's feeling's and experiences and as creator's we are fortunate to execute that upon a canvas and in so many other ways and forms especially today.

My artistic and spiritual journeying has been met by numerous setbacks and challenges which in turn has given me the valuable lessons and the desire to never give up on my passion.

Colors, symbolism and geometric shapes all carry unique vibrations which predominantly influence my work.

Oils are my preferred medium, as it allows me to create the forms and shades I desire, however, I have experimented with other mediums, especially for my collage works.

I was also fortunate enough to open an art gallery from 2005 to 2007 in the North of Spain, where I had the opportunity to exhibit my art, as well as the works of other local artists and also giving me the valuable experience to curate and interact with other artists the public and my clients.

I also had the chance to teach art to local children in my area. My focus was to, encourage them to tap into their own reservoir of creativity. This was a very rewarding, and healing experience for both myself and the children.

I hope to bring to the world, love, healing, and inspiration through these colorful symbolic works of art.

With Love.


Ethereal Garden 2  2018

Oils on canvas


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