About me

Visions of God and miracles for Humanity

I am a self-taught artist based in Cheshire, UK. I have been painting for almost 22 years. I began to take my artistic career more seriously after my move to the East of France, in the year of 2003, where I had experienced some important visions relating to my work.Very soon after, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to move location and open a gallery/studio space in the North of Spain.


I aim to create works relating to what I will usually experience in my dreamstates, visions, meditation and intuitively, I then try to convey this upon my canvases in the language of form, symbolism and color as best I can.

"It is what flows and connects from my heart to my paintbrush and then, into my fingertips, that brings the energy and inspirations within each piece rather than what is in thought."

Each piece has its own unique vibration which I feel can really engage and invoke the viewer to delve deeper, into spirit and mind.Geometric shapes, figurative forms and my love for nature tend and to take precedence in many of my works.


I hope to continue creating for many years to come and that my contribution as a female spiritual artist has its value in our busy world today.

With Love.

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