More About Me

Visions of God and miracles for Humanity

I was born in Manchester UK and have resided in both France and Spain,where I would say my artistic journey really began, before this I embarked on many different career paths and would occasionally dabble in drawing and painting as a past time.

Now of course art is my life and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

From quite a young age I have been fascinated by the spiritual and Angelic realms, my experiences in astral travels, visions and what I feel through intuition are what I try to convey and translate upon my canvases in a abstract contemporary style. Although  I feel personally my work has its own expression  and style.

I have exhibited in many exhibitions here and abroad and have also won numerous awards for my art.
In the year of 2003 I had two very profound spiritual experiences which compelled me to take my art to another level , I also knew that my art would have some sort of significance and impact upon the viewer wether on a spiritual level or energetically.Either way, I was strongly guided to get my work out and I did just that.

After a series of synchronicities and Divinely guidance I was lead to my next destination the north of Spain, just 1 year later,

I was very fortunate and brave enough without much experience , to open a gallery and studio space in a small town called Sant Feliu de Guixols just outside of Girona Spain.

Everything eventually came together quite effortlessly, in a town where nothing was available to rent and where senior neighbours frowned at the very idea of yet another foreigner setting up business and many other challenges.
I had the most wonderful two years here, integrating with locals artists and clients from so many different backgrounds and countries.A truly magical and unforgettable experience for me.

Unfourtunately, due to unforeseen circumstances  and ill health, I had to return to the UK and I hope one day to do the same again.
May my work fill your hearts and spirits with inspiration and joy and  intrigue.
With love.

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